Let us ask you five questions.

1. What are your child’s plans this summer?
2. Would you like them to meet and make friends with other children from all over the world?
3. How about enriching their learning from expert tutors and an unparalleled educational experience?
4. Are they at the stage where they’d benefit from a short pre-university course?
4. Would they enjoy a multicultural experience of a lifetime?

We think we know the answer to that last one! A residential UK summer camp or programme is exactly what they need. Over the years we’ve helped many international parents like you access activities and programmes in the UK, whether it’s sports, creative or more careers focused. So we’ve compiled all the questions that we’ve been asked. Starting with the big one..

Which UK Summer Camps for international students are available?

Tell us what your child’s passion is and we’ll find the right one for them. Are they hoping to improve their English over the summer? Are they looking for a programme that will support their university applications? Are they an aspiring doctor or fashion designer? Are they interested in science, maths and computing? Would they like to attend a leadership and entrepreneurship programme?

There are programmes available in every academic subject from maths to history, psychology to economics. However if your child has a passion and interest like coding and robotics, zoology and animal management, dance, football or horse riding, tell us; there are summer camps and programmes for them too. Often young people like to try courses which will enhance other life skills e.g. international relations, global young leaders, mini MBAs, breaking digital, business and entrepreneurship are all popular courses.

Immersive career programmes are very popular with British and international students alike. These programmes give young people the chance to test-drive their dream career before they leave school. Students gain hands-on, practical industry experience alongside leading professionals, so that they can make the right career decisions and maximise their potential. Choose from programmes such as Young Entrepreneur, Young Doctor, Young Dentist, Young Architect, Young Computer Scientist, Young Vet, Young Artist, Young Investment Banker, Young Filmmaker or Young Computer Scientist.

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Which specialist UK sports camps are available?

This is a frequently asked question! There are many specialist sports camps academies offering first class experiences in outstanding facilities from highly-qualified professional coaches. Students will receive both group and 1:1 attention. Here are just a few:

UK football camps

Football camps offer a unique opportunity for players to live and train like professional footballers, taught by coaches from Arsenal, LaLiga, Inter Milan or Paris St Germain. There’ll be tactical, technical, physical and psychological sessions and workshops.

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UK basketball camps

Players at basketball camps get a true all-round pro basketball experience. Looking at technical drills and position-specific training to elevate their on-court performance. Focusing on improving physical attributes and mental toughness to succeed at the top.

UK hockey camps

There are hockey camps with masterclass sessions, training, sports science and external matches. Focusing on teamwork, training methods, physical conditioning and self-assessment.

UK rugby camps

Rugby camps cover both physical skills and the mental aspect of rugby, including ball handling, kicking, tactical aspects of the game, game awareness and strategy. Focusing on leadership, teamwork and communication.

UK horse riding camps

There are horse riding camps with world-class equestrian centres where students can gain hands-on, in-depth daily stable and riding experience. Riding 2-3 times per day with a combination of flatwork and jumping. Focusing on stable management and horse management too.

Can my child improve their English on a UK summer programme?

Yes! There are an abundance of summer programmes over the summer, including the ones that we’ve mentioned above. Most will offer a morning of English lessons, followed by an afternoon of sports or activities. It’s worth noting that many of the academic and leadership programmes require at least a B1 (intermediate) or higher level of English however.

Where do they take place?

Many take place in British boarding schools in acres of beautiful countryside so programmes are particularly ideal for children who want to experience what life is like at boarding school. Children will sleep in the boarding houses, eat in the school dining room and have access to all the academic, sports, music and drama facilities that the school offers. These can be dotted all over the UK.

For older students who would like to be in a city, there are programmes in central London. For those wishing to experience life at university in the UK, there are programmes held at Oxford and Cambridge universities.

Are all the camps residential or can they attend a day camp?

If your child can stay with family or friends close to the camp, they can attend camps during the day without taking residential packages.

Do the summer camps and programmes offer trips and visits within the UK?

Yes, all summer programmes have cultural excursions included. Depending on where it’s based, it could be a trip to London, a trip to the beach, visiting historical or cultural attractions, amusement parks, shopping trips, a London bus tour or river cruise.

UK Summer Cours students celebrating passing with their certificates

What will they do in the evenings?

It’ll be specific to each course and age group. However, each evening they’ll take part in an exciting social programme which allows them to make connections with new friends from other cultures.

Will they get a certificate of attendance?

Yes all programmes will give a student a certificate of attendance upon completion. A good thing to know is that the experience can be used to enhance a student’s personal statement when applying to UK universities.

Will pocket money be provided whilst they taking part?

Summer programmes include all accommodation, meals, laundry, tuition, activities, excursions and usually airport transfers and insurance too. So children just need to bring a small amount of pocket money with them for souvenirs.

When do we need to apply by?

Summer programmes take place from July and August so we recommend you apply as soon as possible. It is possible to apply in June or July still but places will be limited.

How do we apply?

We manage applications for parents so we can ensure all aspects are covered.

Who will be there to safely chaperone my child from the airport to staff at the summer camp?

Yes, summer programmes provide pick up from the airport during daytime hours and a member of staff will be at the airport to meet children as they arrive. For flights arriving early morning or late at night, there may be an additional charge for airport pick up.

Do we need to organise a visa?

For those that do require a Visa, the application that you will need to apply for is the Standard Visitor Visa. You are advised to begin the application process as early as possible. The summer programme provider will issue a letter of invitation.

What happens if we need to cancel?

Every summer programme has a cancellation policy which you will be given when you book. Usually a full refund can be issued up to a month before the student’s arrival. Within a month of arrival a cancellation fee will be charged.

What happens if my child is unwell or injured whilst there?

Parents will need to complete a medical consent form to authorise those taking care of your child on your behalf in the case of illness or injury, and for them to provide any necessary medical treatment.

We hope we’ve answered your questions too. Let us know if not. If you’re looking into UK Summer Camps for international students – it’s the perfect time to apply!