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You may be an executive with a new job in London or an ex-pat Briton who is returning after living overseas. Why not relocate to the UK with the helping hand of our relocation experts. Either way, we will treat your personal journey with the utmost in sensitivity and attention to detail.

Starting a new life overseas is a daunting process. Whatever the motive for moving, relocating abroad can be complicated and stressful. In addition to the obvious travel arrangements, like booking flights and packing up your worldly goods, there are often layers upon layers of intricate details that need arranging.

Panoba has worked tirelessly with individuals, couples and families over many years to help ensure a safe and smooth arrival here in Britain. Our clients have enjoyed seamless transitions from their origin countries to new lives, all over the UK.

When it comes to starting afresh in a new country, there is no one size fits all. No two relocations are the same. We treat all our clients as highly valued individuals, creating bespoke and detailed plans for whatever it is that they and their families require for the future.

Our experts offer detailed explanations and advice on every aspect of life in the UK, from finding a new home and registering with utility companies to enlisting your children at school and opening a bank account. Need a housekeeper or a babysitter? No problem. Want to find a family doctor that you can register with? Just leave it to us.

Consider Panoba as your representative here in London, here to ensure that you and your family have the softest of landings when you finally embark on your new life here.

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