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Relocating from Hong Kong to UK

Hong Kong’s Relocation Management Service

GOHK2UK is a relocation management solution for Hong Kongers moving to the UK as created together with our referral partners. Our service covers children’s education face to face or online, the new BN(O) Visa, UK taxes and financial planning, intercultural training and UK real estate. We can advise and manage all aspects of your move and guarantee to find a tailor-made solution that suits you and your family’s needs.

Whether you need advice on one element of your move or a full suite of services to move yourself and your family, contact any one of us and begin your journey.

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How do I find school places for my children if I move my family to the UK?

There are a myriad of different options when it comes to finding the right school for your children and choice of school will often depend on where you live and the ages of your children. At secondary level some schools will require entry tests and interviews, while others are non-selective and will accept children of all abilities. British schools are very used to welcoming families from around the world and have strong pastoral care systems in place. You may be looking for a school where your child can continue their extra-curricular strengths in music, arts, performing arts or sports, or a school which can offer excellent science and maths teaching and facilities. An educational consultant can help you navigate the school search and application process, advise on suitable school choices and organise visits.

How soon should I start applying to schools in the UK?

All schools have different timelines when it comes to the admissions process and demand for school places does vary greatly depending on area and the type of school a family is looking for. Some of the top London prep schools see huge demand for places and therefore putting a child’s name on the list is essential several years before entry. Similarly, for competitive entry to some of the elite and highly academic senior schools at Year 9 (age 13), entry assessments take place in Year 6. However, for the majority of senior schools, the application and assessment timeline runs between 12 and 18 months before the September of entry. The best advice for parents is to remember that there will be a greater choice of schools that will accept applications when the school search is started early. For relocating families, school applications can often be made in advance of your arrival in the UK. An educational consultant can advise on application windows for UK schools and ensure this fits with your relocation timeline.

Can I get assistance with family relocation services including schools for my children?

When relocating to the UK with a family, it is important to decide on a location which will have the right combination of available properties, good transport links, highly rated local schools and also access to other family services. A UK based relocation expert with local knowledge can advise on locations which incorporate all of these criteria and ensure that you and your family have a ‘soft landing’ when you arrive in the UK and in the months following your arrival. They can assist with setting up property viewings and negotiating with real estate agents, school visits and applications, shipping furniture and belongings, setting up home and registering for banks, doctors and other local services and amenities.

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