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We can help you find the best in private tuition for IB, GCSE, A’ level and Common Entrance (11+, 13+). We use highly qualified tutors who specialise in the preparation of these important exams.

All children – whatever stage of the process they may be at – can sometimes benefit from an extra helping hand. We are confident that our network of hand-picked tutors will enable them to easily and confidently take that all-important leap.

The tutors we recruit are all graduates of Oxbridge or Russell Group universities who are experienced in their chosen fields. These talented individuals will act as inspiring mentors for your children throughout their tutoring time together.

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Support International Students with SpLD

Panoba takes the utmost care to connect the right family with the right tutor. While some parents may only require one hour a week, others may find a fixed and regular set amount of hours helpful, especially half term intensive sessions and/or school holidays. A very popular option today are residential placements, where tutors will travel to your overseas homes or will accompany you on your holidays to make sure the academic level remains high at all times.

Motivation, inspiration and achieving the very best results possible, let Panoba help you get ahead of the rest!

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