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Panoba place students on the top UK Academic Summer Schools that focus on English language, Global Young Leaders, STEM subjects, Global Studies, Mini MBA, Creative Arts and Pre-University prep. Up your game this summer with an unparalleled cultural and learning experience. See course examples.

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    Finance, Mini MBA, economics, leadership, management

    AI and Coding, Technology, Engineering, Math, Robotics, IGCSE and exam revision

    Presentations, IELTS preparation, personal statement, critical thinking

    Diagnostics, dissection and practical application, university advice, medical ethics, introduction to UKCAT and BMAT preparation

    Law, international relations, politics, research skills, debating, global issues

    Business, law, medicine, engineering, international relations

    Academic lessons in English, IELTS preparation

    Art, Design, Drama, Film & theatre, Architecture

    Business, Politics, Finance, Maths, Coding, Medicine, Biology, Creative writing, Architecture, Design and more..

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