There will be parents like you considering boarding school for their child feeling torn right now. Sending a child away from home is a difficult and personal decision. Is it right for your child? Is it right for you and your family?

There are pastoral care teams within the schools that are dedicated to boarding. They understand the uncertainty and nervousness that both the pupils and their parents may feel prior to starting school, especially if you’re not based in the UK. They understand that you won’t be seeing your child for extended periods of time and know that it will be unsettling for your child and yourself at times. They’ll address concerns like logistics of not being UK-based, cultural differences, making new friends and health matters.

The positives, however, are aplenty. UK Independent schools welcome boarders from all around the world and provide an immersive UK experience. Academically, the schools have top class facilities, highly qualified teachers and smaller class sizes. Crucially though, the happiness, welfare and safety of the pupils in their care is what is paramount. The staff, being the link between school and home, will be on tap for homework and for any other personal reason. For boarders, for instance, there will be 24 hours a day of exceptional care and security from staff. Your child’s independence will also be positively encouraged, enabling them to gain invaluable life skills by the time they leave school. We also love the fact that most children make friends for life there.

Next step is to arm yourself with as much information as possible about your preferred schools. Visit the schools, and, if you can, book your child onto one of the amazing summer courses on offer in the UK. Come decision time, you’ll know if have made the right choice.

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