UK Boarding Schools in Cornwall and Devon

Last week saw the third leg of our UK boarding schools tour down in beautiful Cornwall and Devon. What a week!

Beautiful rural settings, one equestrian centre and one engineering classroom, and plenty of sports grounds as far as the eye can see. Offering the very best educational pathways, along with pastoral care, for international students. One school uniquely provides 4 pathways in Sixth Form – IB, A Levels, Foundation and BTechs. They also have an International School for 1 year GCSE programmes and NCUK Foundation.

UK Boarding Schools in Cornwall and Devon

We had the chance to not only meet with the ever brilliant teachers and headmasters but also the pleasure of meeting lots of international students, who were really impressive and talented young people. Two school sixth formers gave us a tour in fact. They were smart, articulate and engaging and quite definitely world-ready young people. We are certain that the students that attend these boarding schools will be the leading medics, musicians, artists, engineers and lawyers of the future.

UK Boarding Schools in Cornwall and Devon

And just to name-drop for one moment.. Former Wales International Rugby Union player turned Housemaster runs one Sixth Form boarding house with enthusiasm and strong parental guidance and care. Then, British commentator and reporter who worked on ITV’s Formula One, Louise Goodman, is the president of one of the other school’s Car Club.

A big thank you to..

Truro High School for Girls
Blundell’s School
Wellington School
West Buckland School
Taunton School
Taunton School International
King’s Hall School, Taunton

..for being so welcoming. We’re already planning our next visit to you all.