Not booked a summer school or camp for your child yet? The demand for these courses is very high so a place on a course in July now is unlikely, but there are places still available in August.

Here’s what’s out there.

Immersive career experiences, 15 – 18yrs

These courses are for school students who aspire to study some of the world’s most-desirable careers. The programmes are tailor-made, range across 19+ different industries, designed and delivered by highly accomplished industry professionals within their field. The aim is to equip school students to make the right career decisions and maximise their chances of success.

The courses range from Medicine, Forensic Science and Psychology to Fashion, Filmmaking and Video Game Design. Law, Entrepreneurship and Intl Development to Investment Banking, Engineering and Journalism.

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UK Football Summer Camps, 7 – 18 yrs

The football camps are run by professional coaches for boys and girls. Levels include beginners, intermediate, advanced and pro. In addition to premiere football training, students will take part in bespoke English programmes. There are also amazing evening activities and excursions. The camps are run by the top of the league Football organisations: PSG Academy UK, Arsenal Football Development Camp UK, Laliga Football Camp UK and Inter Milan Academy.

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Global Social Leaders Programme, 8 – 18yrs

This is a course that helps a student to become a better communicator, creator, critical thinker and collaborator. This course focuses on global citizenship together with English speaking skills – through activities that draw on the arts, geography, science, and social studies.

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Mini MBA, 8 – 18yrs

How about something a little more ambitious like a Mini MBA? It provides the perfect introduction to the exciting and productive world of business management and administration.

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English language Courses, 8 – 18 yrs

There are many courses for increasing confidence in English. The student’s level of English is assessed so the programme can be tailored to suit them. All teachers are UK qualified and are experienced in teaching international teenagers

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Creative arts courses, 8 – 18yrs

Aspiring artists are introduced to the creative arts to improve their portfolio through a series of specialist workshops across a broad range of creative subjects.

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Oxford Online Courses, 12 – 18yrs

If you’re unable to travel to the UK in August we know providers that run online inspirational and rigorous Summer courses from Oxford.

They run small groups of up to 12 students who are from all over the world. Teaching a subject through discussion, research and debates. Two hours of Live contact time per day plus independent study to maximise what’s being learned. With Live Tutorials taking place at a range of times to suit time zones from around the world, it’s a chance for a student to master their subject and gain clarity about future careers without having to travel.

Courses range from business, politics and finance to mathematics, coding and computer science. Medicine, biology and life sciences to Creative writing, architecture and design.

A really nice touch is that once a week there is an online social with the students from the other courses. It’s not mandatory but is an opportunity to meet the others and get to know one another in an non-academic environment. It’s hosted by the Oxford team and very relaxed and informal.

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