We’ve recently joined the Armed Forces Covenant. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the Armed Forces Covenant is a pledge from the government to ‘treat members of the British Armed Forces and their families with fairness and respect’. It’s also known as the ‘Military Covenant.’

The Covenant supports military families with several aspects of business, housing, NHS, financial assistance, family well-being and education. Education and business is where we at Panoba can help. We’ve always taken pride in supporting military families with their children’s education and through who we work together with. So joining made complete sense to us. In terms of providing employment to service people, this reaps many rewards for us. Our Forces & FCDO education consultant, Stacey Heartford, brings a wealth of experience and empathy, both professionally and personally to her role, being a military wife and mother.

Businesses like us demonstrate their support by joining the Armed Forces Covenant and signing a pledge. Our pledge to uphold the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant is as follows.


  • Supporting and promoting the wellbeing of service children, recognising the particular experiences and challenges they may face in education.
  • Providing direct support to service families by offering a free and impartial service aiding their selection of a private education establishment.
  • Ensuring armed forces children and their families have support in their right to continuity of education (as suggested by research conducted by the SCiP and Winchester University).
  • Assisting families to ensure that forces children do not face a disadvantage throughout their education as a result of their family mobility.
  • Using a bespoke guidance service to find best match boarding schools for military families and advising which schools offer extra armed forces discounts in support of the CEA (continuation of Education Allowance).

There is no greater expression of commitment than in upholding the Armed Forces Covenant. We are delighted to provide ongoing support as a way of saying thank you and in way of recognition for the service these selfless individuals provide.