Bringing you the opportunity to try out extracurricular learning platform Disco for free!

Education has fast tracked its use of technology in the last couple of years and here at Panoba, we’ve embraced it. From virtual boarding school expos to teaming up with virtual learning providers as a response to remote learning. We’re now delighted to say that we have just launched our partnership with Disco.

Disco has had over ten thousand conversations with parents, with one common theme. The need for their children to be confident, curious, innovative and worldly. Yet children are expected to gain those skills and values independently, without the framework or language to do so. Increasingly we are waking up to the fact that being ‘school smart’ isn’t enough. That’s where Discos comes in.

Discos are live, interactive sessions for children aged 8 – 13. From interview masterclasses to mentoring workshops, current affairs to financial literacy, Disco gives children the skills for the next generation of leaders.

Powered by Oppidan Education and its team of mentors, Disco gives every child the core skills they need to succeed in the changing world ahead of us. Young people will need to be confident, flexible, and innovative in ways that go far beyond traditional academic learning.

Panoba are huge supporters of the ethos of learning and believe Disco’s innovative curriculum will lead the way in this new approach to online learning.

Disco’s membership model of a £18/month gives children unlimited use of the platform. This means you can access all our live, on-demand and blog content on a monthly subscription. Our audience can try Disco for free on a 14-day trial here.