There are several options open to 16+ international students in the UK. A Level, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP), BTEC and Foundation Pathway Programmes being the main players. Choosing the right course for your child depends any number of things. For example, how academic they are, if they need another school year prior to attending university, if they are able to study effectively on their own, or, if they already know which career path they would like to follow. These will all impact the pathway chosen.

We visited Egham ASC school in Surrey recently for an event about relocating international families, where they shone the spotlight on the benefits of the IBCP; so we’re going to focus on that programme in this post.

IBCP pathways at Egham ASC School

Egham ASC’s IBCP provides an Engineering and Sustainability Programme as an alternative pathway for students who wish to follow a pathway into engineering. Job roles in sustainability have massively increased with the world’s eyes on reducing carbon emissions, so it’s a great programme to prepare students for a job of the future.

Why choose the IBCP?

The IBCP is for academically strong and independent students who know their specific career path. It develops students for employment so they are armed with self-confidence and community-aware, have accomplished personal and professional skills, global languages and able to make ethical decisions. It’s recognised by leading UK Universities, US Colleges and further education institutes globally.

The IBCP framework:

– Career-related studies
– The study of at least two Diploma Programme courses
– The distinctive IBCP core which is designed to create a bridge that connects each student’s chosen Diploma Programme courses and career-related studies.

Which UK Boarding Schools offer IBCP?

According to Which School Adviser, 38 state schools now offer the IBCP alongside the following independent schools offer IBCP – with pathways such as Engineering and Sustainability, Business, Sport and Art.

ACS Egham
Ryde School
St Leonards Fife School

If you need further guidance about the IBCP please get in touch.