When we decided to do a count recently and total up the number of schools we have visited since starting our business 8 years ago, this is the number we arrived at. And last week on our tour of Yorkshire schools, we’ve managed to add 7 more schools to the list.

As education consultants working with families around the globe, this is an important part of honing our craft. We like to know which schools specialise in which niche subjects or provide a more general all-rounder education, the proportion of international pupils that is so important to our clients, if pupils remain at schools at the weekend and the location that the school’s situated in. These are some of the factors alongside which exams they offer and whether they offer full boarding, weekly or flexi boarding options.

It’s the small personal touches. The atmosphere in the boarding house, the rapport between teachers and students and what the school lunch really tastes like

But describing a school and the reason for its suitability to parents is about much more than reeling off a list of faculties and facilities on offer. It’s the small personal touches. The atmosphere in the boarding house, the rapport between teachers and students, maintenance of grounds and facilities, engagement with students and what the school lunch really tastes like are all the unique aspects of a school that can only be understood through a visit. After all, boarding school is not only for their education but will also be their home and family for the foreseeable future.

Here are the 7 latest.

Tettenhall College is led by a formidable Headmaster and wife team. They have GCSE Electronics on offer and boast 2 PhD level science teachers. The school has good links with Wolverhampton football club premier nearby and it’s the only school to host GB Pentathlon in the area.

Fulneck School is a small school with all the benefits that go with that together with a warm vibe. It has strong learning support needs and will soon be opening a new department that supports autistic students.

Harrogate Ladies College is a beautiful homely boarding house, with the friendliest house dog. An impressive wellness centre and we loved their very smart capes they get to wear on special occasions. The Headmistress is much loved and has a strong and impressive leadership team, allowing the girls to thrive and develop their own unique abilities and passions.

Ackworth has top pastoral care. The impressive head of boarding who knew all the kids and seemed to have everyone on speed dial at her fingertips. The warm and positive headmaster has had an impressive career and has brought his wealth of knowledge to Ackworth. We were taken round by the next head boy (the politest boy from Hong Kong) and also met next year’s head girl (an impressive young lady from Nigeria).

Registrar Dan King at Woodhouse Grove School gave us a warm welcome and fantastic tour of their school. The have a great sixth form centre and home from home boarding facilities. And boast second to none links with top football clubs.

Rishworth School is set in a beautiful location on the side of a valley. We had a warm welcome and a lovely local lunch to end a lovely visit. Rishworth have an impressive football academy and the art and food tech departments are impressive. They have homely boarding facilities and is a popular school in the area

Ashville College is a good size co-ed school, down to earth and forward thinking. We thought it had a buzz about it. The current head has a formidable resume and has led top academic schools globally. Strong leadership shines through here, and, with students so passionate about their school, you saw and felt a real Ashville pride.

We’re always get so much from these tours and have armed ourselves with many more schools that provide that all-round feel for excellence, top care and a bright future for all who attend.