Whether an old or new client, Panoba is here for you during Covid 19. If you are worried or concerned about whether you should still make applications to schools for entry Sept 2020 or if you had planned to attend a summer programme in July/August in the UK, please do get in touch. Here at Panoba we are still working and still speaking to schools daily.

Admissions offices are still open working remotely and we are actively working for our clients throughout this difficult period. Applications are being accepted, we are arranging Skype interviews and some schools are even offering virtual tours.

Summer courses are naturally postponed or cancelled but there’s a great number of online courses that can be attended in their place. Exceptional online courses include an 8 week summer school which prepares students for an application to Oxford or Cambridge as well as a 2 week introductory courses in law or medicine. You can see more detail on these courses here. There are lots of other great academic institutions offering a range of other online courses as well as 1:1 private tuition lessons for all subjects of course. If you’d like to find out more please contact us or look through the options in more detail here.

COVID-19 is affecting us all and we fully support staying at home and social distancing at this time, but we are focused on the education of your children and the future, so please feel free to get in touch and let us help and guide you to make the right choices and to answer any concerns you might have during this uncertain time.

Stay well, stay safe and stay in touch (at a distance….) info@panoba.co.uk or  call+44 (0)203 633 3101