A fellow business traveller recently referred to us as Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout. It’s anyone’s guess who’s who between us! It made us laugh and got us thinking …It’s certainly been a whirlwind of school tours, travelling, events and networking in 2023 for us. And like those pioneers it was not without some obstacles..


19 Schools seen
4 Countries visited
3 Panoba events
4 Events attended
2 New Panoba consultants
1 New partnership
1 New monarch
1 New website launched
2 Associations joined/became members of

Our obstacles:

1 Phone left on airplane
1 School visit during storm
3 Missed meetings due to ourselves and taxi drivers speaking different languages
4 Cultural dinners where we weren’t sure we were wearing correct attire
3 Power outages in Africa making working difficult
30 Outtakes due to being middle aged women
1 LONG journey back to London with road blocked by sheep

Who checked to see if that makes 80?