UK Independent schools welcome boarders from all around the world and provide a truly immersive UK experience.

Within each school there are pastoral care teams that are dedicated to boarding. Regardless where each child is from, many will initially miss their family and friends and this is where the pastoral care teams can help. They understand the uncertainty and nervousness that both the pupils and their parents may feel prior to starting school, as well as in the early days. They’ll address concerns like logistics of not being UK-based, cultural differences, making new friends and health matters.

The positives are aplenty. Your child will be taught in top class facilities by highly qualified teachers; the teachers being on tap for homework and for any other personal reason. If your child is a boarder, there is 24 hours a day of exceptional care and security from staff. With the smaller class sizes independent schools can offer and the opportunity to study alongside other like minded students, your child will not only thrive academically but will make friends for life.

The young students will also be able to experience the best of British landmarks and attractions once pandemic restrictions allow. Shakespeare’s Globe, Tower of London, British Museum, Edinburgh Castle, Stonehenge, Tate Modern, Eden Project and Wimbledon.

The happiness of each pupil is paramount. Your child’s independence will be positively encouraged in their lessons and in extra curricular activities, enabling them to gain invaluable life skills by the time they leave school. They won’t want to come home!

If you’d like to talk to any UK boarding schools directly, we’re hosting the first ever UK Boarding Schools Virtual Expo for Africa, Saturday 26 September. Please take a moment to register here.