Is it possible to send my child to the same boarding school as our friends? It comes highly recommended and our daughter’s would be at the same school.

Don’t follow the herd. Everyone thinks that the boarding school that they’ve chosen for their own child is the best choice. That isn’t always the case. What is right for one child can be very wrong for another. Get impartial and experienced advice to guide you to the schools that are right for your child and you as a Forces family.

Is boarding school the right option for my child?

Boarding is a long term prospect which can span over a 10 year timeframe. Military families are continually on the move so boarding is the pragmatic approach that gives your child some continuity in terms of where they call home, and, very importantly, friendships.

What if we’re posted to a different country?

Location is key of course. You want your child to be at a school where they have a local support system of family or friends. Overseas postings are a real possibility for many military families; consider the location of your school very carefully.

Can I afford a boarding school education for my child?

The cost of boarding is a key consideration. With the continuity of education allowance and additional discounts that so many UK Boarding Schools provide, an independent boarding school education is affordable for many families across the different services and ranks.

What else do I need to know?

Research the boarding provision carefully. Unlike local non-military boarders many military children are unable to go home at the weekends. It is important to choose a boarding school where children stay in at the weekend. They’ll get to participate in many activities, enjoy all of the benefits of a boarding experience and basically have the time of their lives.

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