In these uncertain times where we are dealing with the impact of Coronavirus we’re introducing teachers to the virtual classroom technology offered by Infiniti Platforms. Infiniti Platforms have students, teachers, tutorial centres, schools, language centres, charities and universities in over 100 countries.

Debbie Gispan, Co-Founder & Director for Panoba Nigeria says “We have introduced Infiniti Platforms to our network of schools with great fanfare and support – every child in the world should be able to continue their studies regardless of how this epidemic plays out.”

In a positive step to fight the Coronavirus epidemic, Infiniti Platforms have recently increased its staff by 100% in order to offer educational institutions free staff training and rapid implementations. COO, Angelo Palyvos says “We are doing our part to assist teachers with specialized software designed for teaching and online learning management. Schools are realizing that generic videoconferencing (Skype/Zoom) software is inadequate for the goals of learning and that Infiniti delivers a teaching experience that is as good as or even better than the traditional learning experience.”

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