Online education platform for schools, parents and teachers

YaSchools is an online platform for schools, parents and teachers. 1,750 schools in fact (international and national), across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The platform provides a fast, digital way to unify and enrich the educational process. For parents, the platform provides and facilitates school searches and school comparisons, communication between parents and schools, school applications and payment plans. For teachers, the platform provides communication between parents and themselves, a teacher portal along with a job area.

We really liked the YaSchools offering when we first met the team at the ICEE exhibition we attended last May. They were also exhibiting in the EdTech pavilion at the huge tech conference and exhibition, Leap 2023, when we were last there in February. The main photo of us was taken at that last exhibition.

Meeting YASchools online education platform team

We feel we have some great synergies with YaSchools and are excited to be partnering with them to bring the best of UK education to the region. The platform is a great springboard for Panoba to promote our services across Saudi Arabia and will be working with a local company to do so.