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The Ladies Favourite, Royal Ascot

As any fashionistas will tell you, today is “Ladies’ Day” at Royal Ascot. Ascot’s independent schools also have an element of Royal blood and equine heritage coursing through their foundations.

Inspiring the next generation of global leaders

Is your young person is an ambitious, high-achiever? Each year, the World Economic Forum seeks out individuals who reflect global diversity, innovate to promote public interest and value authentic exchanges towards public-private cooperation.

Set Your Child Up For A Life Of Success

Developing this passion is essential to instill in children and personified by the UK education system. Focusing on a genuine love of learning will set your child up for life.

Grow A Healthy High Achiever This Summer

The summer holidays are looming and you’ll be thinking about ways to get your children away from their screens. We thought we’d look further afield, on this occasion, for a course of fresh air, activity and wellbeing for the average whizz kid.

Quotation of the Day

A thought provoking quote by Confucius and a sentiment we share. It says education teaches us to have the confidence to make a difference in the world. This should be taught to all children across the world.

The UK Education Calendar this April

If your child starts school in September, April is all about preparation. If your child needs help in certain subjects, extra tuition should be considered or take a look at new online learning platform..